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Without a doubt, you get the very best fuel discounts with absolutely no fees when you have the Prime Advantage+ Card, but that's just the beginning. You'll save big on tires, equipment, maintenance & more!

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25% off the retail price at any Michelin dealer.

Save big on maintenance from TA Petro at a network of over 2,000 locations nationwide.

$10/truck discount for any unites enrolled in the Comdata fuel tax program.

$15/Permit discount for any permits purchased through the Comdata permit program.

Get up to $2000 off used trailers at PedigreeTrucks.Com – Not to be combined with any  other offer, subject to availability, contact Pedigree Truck and Trailer Sales for information.

20% off the lowest published price at over 15,000 participating hotels.

Lumper payments can be made on our Advantage+ card at over 2,000 locations.

Receive 2 rewards points for every gallon purchased at TA Petro locations.

COMING SOON –  Wash discounts, insurance discounts, and so much more!

It’s fast and easy to apply for the Prime Advantage+ card!

Grow your trucking business & save big on your most important expenses!

Prime Inc. reserves the right to make changes to the Prime Inc. Advantage + program without providing advance notice to the carrier. Any discounts advertised by Prime Inc. and/or Comdata are meant to be represented as estimates only and may be inaccurate including containing material inaccuracies. All discounts and provided services offered by Prime Inc. under the Prime Inc. Advantage+ program are subjected to change without notice. Prime makes no representations of warranties as it an any manner respects the offerings included within the Prime Inc. Advantage+ program. Without exception, Prime Inc. shall not be liable for any unintended, incidental, or substantial damages, lost profits, or damages resulting from lost data or business stoppage resulting from the use or inability to access and use Comdata services or for other offerings associated with the Prime Inc. Advantage+ program even if Prime Inc. has notice of outages or limitations.

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