Buying a quality used reefer trailer is a great way to get the most value when you need to add to your trucking fleet.  There are a host of options in the trucking industry to choose from when searching for a used trailer.  How do you know you are getting the best quality at the best price?

Choosing the correct reefer trailer will increase your bottom line with decreased maintenance costs, better fuel consumption, and a longer life span on the equipment.  A small bit of research and a careful eye will help you find the very best reefer trailer at the very best value.  The Trailer Experts at Pedigree will help you find the perfect fit with a trailer that you can trust mile after mile.  We’ve also written this quick article  to help you when it comes to finding the right trailer for you.

Carrier X4 Reefer Units

One of the most popular reefer units in trucking today is the Carrier X4 Series.  Because of the popularity of this refrigerated unit, we are going to focus this article on trailers equipped with this innovative reefer.  Let’s begin by talking about the X4 in general.

Carrier released the X4 to provide superior performance and efficiency, with proven dependable design.  It promises to answer the dilemma of complying with emissions standards while making significant gains in performance and efficiency. They became so popular after quickly gaining a reputation of being incredibly reliable.  The high-efficiency design delivers significant fuel savings along with a higher cooling capacity, faster pulldown, quieter operation, and less maintenance.  The X4 has become a popular choice for large fleets such as Prime Inc. for these reasons.  Pedigree features trailers equipped with Carrier X4 units as well as Thermoking reefer units.  You can even purchase a reefer without a trailer if that best meets your needs here as well.

All Carrier X4 Reefer Units Are Not Created Equal

Carrier released two different X4 models: the X4 7300 and the X4 7500.   While both options include all of the benefits that the X4 series provides,  there is a significant difference between the two.  So, what’s the difference?  The X4 7500 gives you a hefty 2,000 more BTUs than the 7300 provides.  Simply put, the 7500 will give you greater capacity and increased fuel efficiency.  With the rising cost of fuel, every mile per gallon saved is money in your pocket!  Additionally, knowing your load is safe at the optimum temperature will give you the peace of mind that keeps you focused on the road ahead.

Outgassing, The Silent Profit Killer

In an earlier article, we discussed the process of outgassing.  This process is key to keep in mind when searching for a quality used reefer trailer.  To briefly explain, outgassing is the natural occurrence of degradation in the capacity to maintain the desired temperature inside the polyurethane walls trailers are made of.  This is a completely normal situation that happens to any trailer over years of use.  The best way to overcome this is having a well maintained reefer unit that provides the best BTU production.  This is why buying a used reefer trailer with a Carrier X4 7500 is so much better than one with a X4 7300.  To learn more about outgassing, check out our article here.

Buying The Right Reefer Trailer

Many advertisers decline to provide you the exact Carrier X4 Reefer model in their used trailer listings.   The fact is, this information is key to you getting the very best trailer for your money.  Choosing a trailer with the wrong X4 can be a costly mistake.

If a trailer listing does not specifically state the model number of the Carrier X4 unit is a 7500, then it may be safe to say that it could be a 7300.  When price shopping it is apparent that these advertisements often ask a similar price for the unit that provides less BTUs.  Whenever searching for a used reefer trailer, always look for the model number and if it isn’t listed, ask your sales person specifically which X4 is equipped on that trailer.  At Pedigree, we always designate which model reefer unit is included in the advertised listing.  To view our full inventory of reefer trailers that come equipped with Carrier X4 or Thermoking units, visit us here.  All Pedigree trailers have a warranty on the reefer unit and have their complete service records showing all scheduled services were completed on time or early.  That’s what we mean when we say “Know Your Pedigree”!  We also provide financing.  We work with over 20 banks to get you the best deal and you can pre-qualify in just 3 minutes!  If you are looking for a used trailer, contact one of our Trailer Experts today by clicking here.  We have locations around the United States and even offer delivery to get you on the road even faster!

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