Outgassing: what is it and why should you care? The Trailer Experts over here at Pedigree are here to explain and give some advice.  This short article will explain one of the biggest reasons drivers are losing profits out there on the road and how to make the choices that will keep your money in your pocket.


Before we talk about the process of outgassing, we first need to talk temperature.  You know that keeping your load at the right temperature isn’t an option.  You have to protect that load above all things.  You trust your reefer trailer to do its job and maintain your loads each and every time.  When looking for a used reefer trailer you need to find a reefer with the BTUs you need to get the job done.

What is a BTU?  BTU stands for British Thermal Unit.  BTU refers to the amount of energy it takes to increase the temperature of a pound of water by one degree.  BTUs are often used to measure the effectiveness of air conditioning or refrigerated units.  Essentially, the more BTUs your reefer has, the more powerful it is and capable of maintaining the right temperature for your load.

Let’s Talk Trailers

When you’re searching for a used reefer trailer to hook behind your semi-truck, you know you have to find one that you know will last.  The walls of these trailers are made of polyurethane foam.  That foam consists of two different gases: Carbon Dioxide (which is inexpensive) and R-22 (which is quite expensive).  This combination is how your trailer keeps the temperature as constant as possible.  


Over years of use, the carbon dioxide in the polyurethane walls of your trailers slowly escapes.  When it does, it is replaced by air and water.  This degrades the effectiveness of your trailer to maintain temperature. Outgassing is completely normal in all reefer trailers and unavoidable.  Proper maintenance can help, which is why we are proud that all Pedigree trailers come with their complete service records that show all of the trailer’s scheduled maintenance has been completed on time or early.



Beating Outgassing

So how do you beat outgassing?  Buying a used reefer trailer is an excellent investment when you choose the right one.  You want to find a trailer that has been well maintained as well as having a reefer unit on it that has also been well cared for.  You want a reefer unit to have a high number of BTUs.  This will make it possible to overcome the temperature loss that occurs with outgassing.  A great reefer will also provide great fuel economy by giving you the best output with less effort.  At Pedigree we proudly offer top of the line reefer units on our trailers from brands like Carrier and Thermoking.

To view our full inventory of reefer trailers, visit us here.  All Pedigree trailers have a warranty on the reefer unit, so you know you are in good hands.  That’s what we mean when we say “Know Your Pedigree”!  We also provide financing.  We work with over 20 banks to get you the best deal and you can pre-qualify in just 3 minutes!  If you are looking for a used trailer, contact one of our Trailer Experts today by clicking here.  We have locations around the United States and even offer delivery to get you on the road even faster

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