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2023 has presented its share of challenges for the trucking community.  Freight rates are low, interest rates are high, and so many in the industry are struggling.  However, business growth still continues for many small trucking companies such as Silk Road Logistics, LLC.

Islambek Nassibullayev established Silk Road Logistics in Florida in 2019.  Since then, the fleet has expanded from two to forty trucks in this short span. The idea of starting a trucking company came when Islambek’s father became a truck driver. 

Islambek reflects, “My father was driving and I was in college.  I saw how my father was driving day and night all over the country.  I thought I have to help him.”

His main goal was to make sure his father did not have to continue his career as a driver.

Islambek left college and began driving with his father as a team.  He later became a company driver for over a year before taking a dispatch job in Florida.  During this time, he gained new insights into the trucking industry.  After two years, Islambek and his brother decided to start their own trucking company.

The result of this decision?  Islambek achieved his goal.  His father was able to stop driving 5 years ago.   His father also plays a role in the family business, but it looks much different now.  Instead of going out on the road for long stretches, he helps by picking up new equipment and other tasks that require less of his time.

What are some of the hardest things about the industry?

The 2023 market has been a challenge.  There are a lot of brokers who want to take
advantage of the trucking community. They have often ignored or even laughed at our drivers.  There is a lot of rude behavior.  The other thing is aggression toward drivers in general.

What advice do you have for new drivers?

Learn basic English. You need to be able to read signs when you are driving to keep yourself and others safe.  The more English you know, the better.  You are hauling 80,000 pounds and it can be tough if you can’t communicate.

Stay healthy.  Don’t eat junk.  One of my favorites ways to get a home cooked meal on the road is by connecting with a  network of people who cook homemade food and deliver it to truck drivers.  It is easy to find people who do this in bigger cities and I can get food that I had in the Soviet Union.



Islambek and his brother have demonstrated remarkable resilience and growth, even in challenging times. Currently, they are managing a fleet of 40 trucks. At Pedigree Truck and Trailer, we've been privileged to witness Silk Road Logistics’ growth firsthand. Remarkably, about 80% of their fleet consists of trucks purchased from us. How many trucks have you purchased from Pedigree Truck and Trailer Sales?

I have 40 trucks and 80% have come from Pedigree.  I keep coming back because I don’t have to
put any time or work into these trucks to get them in operating order. They are
loaded right, have APUs, deer guards, new fridges, and more.  Now I just call and ask for a truck.  I buy them sight unseen.  I have worked with Tyler from the beginning and I can always trust him to deliver a great truck. I have only bought trucks from someone else during the Pandemic when Pedigree didn’t have any trucks to sell.

Now that you have reached your goal of making sure your father doesn’t have to drive full time, what’s next?

I have a year and half year old boy and a wife now.  The goal is to continue to keep business stable and provide for my family.

Islambek with Silk Road Logistics with one of the many trucks he has purchased from Pedigree Truck and Trailer

Ready to grow your trucking business?

If you are feeling discouraged by the current market, you aren’t alone.  But growth and stability can still be found even in the world of low freight rates and high interest rates.  Silk Road Logistics is just one example of the small trucking companies who trust us each day to provide equipment for their small businesses. Our equipment has been inspected, serviced, and detailed.  They are ready to pull off our lot and head down the road to pick up your next load. We would love to include you in the list of small businesses owners who are finding success with Pedigree Truck and Trailer Sales.

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