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Super Singles vs Duals!  At Pedigree Truck and Trailer our buyers can choose between super singles or duals.  


This is one of the many ways your truck can be customized to fit your specific business and driving needs.  


Here are some things to consider when choosing tires for your fleet.

super singles or duals

Super Single Tires:

If you have super singles, also known as wide base tires,  this means you have one rear tire on each side of the truck. 


Super Single Benefits Include:


  • Fuel Efficiency: Super singles reduce rolling resistance which improves fuel efficiency.  This savings adds up when you are on long-hauls.


  • Increased Payload Capacity: Super Singles are the lighter choice, making it a great option for maximizing cargo weight. The wider tire profile means you can carry more freight without the added weight of dual tires.  Again, this maximizes your potential to save money.


  • Enhanced Traction: A larger surface means super singles provide better traction.

Dual Tires:

Dual tires means there are two tires on each side of the rear axle.


Dual Tire Benefits include:


  • In the event of a flat, you will still be able to drive your truck.  The other three wheels on the rear axle ensure you can stay on the road.


  • Dual tires are more affordable to replace than Super Singles; making them a cost-effective option.


  • Duals distribute the weight of the load more evenly, taking stress off of each tire.  This can extend the life of your tires.

Ask the Tire Experts:

Tyler, a Tire Tech at Prime Inc., mentioned drivers who are concerned with fuel economy might consider super singles.  He added,”There is also savings to consider with duals.  A tow can cost $1000 or more if you get a flat tire with super singles.  With duals, you can still limp into the next service station for a repair.”  This eliminates a tow bill and waiting on the side of the road for a tow.

Ask the Drivers:

Junior Honduras

Still unsure if you want super singles or duals on your truck?  We polled a few drivers to get their input.  We found that preference came down to what they were used to driving on, but here are a few thoughts to keep in mind:


We asked fleet owner Junior Honduras, “I run super singles on my trucks after going to the Michelin event with Prime Inc. I am sure that we are running the best of the best on tires. I know super singles are definitely the way to go because of the fuel efficiency that they give.”


Jason with Snyder Transport LLC, a seasoned driver, has driven on both duals and singles.  His newest truck has singles.  Jason told us, “Singles hold up longer as long as you are taking care of them and performing normal maintenance.  Jason said doing regular checks for tire pressure and ensuring you are doing normal rotations is key.


John, a driver for 23 years now, prefers duals.  “If you blow one, you can keep going down the road and you aren’t stuck.”  


Alex, a tanker driver, said he prefers super singles.  He added, “I am more concerned with how much weight I have and driving on super singles saves weight.”

Super Singles vs Duals FAQs:

Are super singles compatible with all truck models?

Yes, any of the trucks in our inventory can be equipped with super single tires or dual tires. Any of the trucks listed in our inventory can be equipped with either option.


Are super singles lighter than duals?

Yes!  Super singles mean you have one rim instead of two.  You also have two sidewalls instead of four.  This means with super singles you are looking at 200 lbs less per axle.


What do most customers choose; super singles or duals?

Most customers choose duals. Smaller independent fleet owners like the peace of mind that comes with being able to move forward even if you blow a tire.


What tires are offered at Pedigree Truck and Trailer Sales?

Michelin Xline Z: According to Michelin, The Michelin Xline Z is guaranteed to deliver 20% more mileage compared to their leading competition.


HDL2DL Continentals: These tires were made for long haul drivers who require high mileage.


Bridgestone M713: Bridgestone credits these tires with the ability to improve your rolling resistance by 8% also increasing tread life.

What other factors do I need to take into consideration when making decisions about tires for my semi?

Ready to learn more about ensuring you have the best tires?  Check out our tire guide.

Here at Pedigree Truck and Trailer Sales, we are more than a truck and trailer dealer; we are the gateway to your dreams and your success as a small trucking company.  Our trucks and trailers are the product of 50 years of research and are designed to make that money.  While we are confident in our ability to build a truck that is equipped with money saving features, you still have the flexibility to ensure it is equipped with the right equipment that will help you make that money. Check out our current inventory and call a Truck Expert today.  They are ready to answer all of your questions about your future truck!



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