The Best Used Reefer Trailers for Your Fleet

With over 50 years in the reefer trailer business, we pride ourselves on selling the best used reefer trailers in the industry.  These are the reefers that have built Prime Inc., the largest reefer carrier in America.  They are built to ensure the cold goods we need are delivered safely and efficiently across the country.  Here are just a few of the features these reefer trailers offer that will help you make that money!

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Versitex Liner and Scuffs

The interior of reefer trailers is often damp and the walls can easily breed harmful bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungus.  Versitex is FDA-compliant and designed to ensure your reefer trailer and the load are protected.

We choose fiberglass scuffs, also made by Versitex, because they have a lot of flexibility.  They can move with the trailer.  If any damage occurs to the scuffs they are easily fixed with silcone caulking. 

reefer trailer interior

Aluminum Duct Flooring

All of our reefer trailers have aluminum duct flooring to ensure your product is getting the proper air flow.  As air comes out of the shoot, it hits the back door, and flows through the duct flooring and back to the micro sensor.  This ensures all of the product is getting the proper air circulation to keep your load safe.

Right Weigh Scales

Each of our reefers is equipped with a Right Weigh Scale. Right Weigh scales help truck drivers make sure their trucks aren’t too heavy. When a truck is too heavy, it can be dangerous, damage the roads, and even lead to fines. These scales tell the driver if everything is okay or if they need to adjust the weight. This is not only about following the rules, but it also keeps everyone on the road safe. Plus, it helps the truck use less fuel and saves money by avoiding damage to the truck. So, these scales are like a safety and money-saving tool for truck drivers.

right weigh scale

Disc Brakes

We choose disc brakes because they have better stopping power.  Disc brakes are better at stopping than drum brakes on a reefer trailer because of how they work. Disc brakes have a big, flat disc that gets squeezed by brake pads when you press the brake pedal. This helps create a lot of friction, which slows down the trailer quickly. Drum brakes, on the other hand, have round drums that push outwards to stop the trailer. The flat surface of the disc brakes provides more contact area for friction, which means they can stop the trailer faster and more effectively, especially when the reefer trailer is carrying a heavy load. So, disc brakes are like super stoppers for reefer trailers.

A big concern with a lot of drivers is that disc brakes are more expensive than drum brakes.  However, they last three times as long as drum brakes which saves money on parts and labor in the long run.  While you are paying more up front, you save money over the life of the trailer.

Complete Maintenance Records

The reefer trailers in our fleet are all one owner and fleet maintained.  When you purchase a reefer trailer with Pedigree Truck and Trailer, you are purchasing peace of mind.  Your trailer will come with the complete maintenance records so you can see every service that has been performed over the life of the trailer.  These trailers have been inspected every 55 days on average.  You will have records for every inspection and any work that was done on those trailers.  You aren’t just buying a trailer; you are buying peace of mind.

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