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Welcome to our world of safe trucking! Here at Pedigree Truck Sales, we care a lot about trucks, but we care even more about keeping you safe while you drive. Our Freightliner Cascadias are equipped with some great safety features to protect you, your stuff, and everyone on the road. Let’s dive into how these awesome features work to keep you safe on all your adventures.

Active Lane Assist

freightliner cascadia safety features
  • While your Freightliner is in motion, there is a camera above your windshield that is constantly and quickly taking photos of your surroundings. 
  • The camera is looking for lane markers that let it know you are centered on the road. If the truck begins to drift out of its lane, you will hear a rumble strip sound coming from your speakers.
  • If you begin to drift toward the left, your left speaker will give off a rumble strip sound to alert you. 
  • Drift toward the right and the right speaker will alert you with a rumble strip sound. 

Active Brake Assist

  • After you set your cruise control to your desired speed, the truck will continue at that speed until the front forward facing radar recognizes you are approaching another vehicle or obstacle. 
  • This radar is installed on your front bumper. 
  • Once it recognizes you are traveling at an unsafe follow distance, it will begin to apply the brakes for you. 
  • As the driver, you can override this by either hitting your gas or brakes.  You are still in control.
2021 freightliner safety features

Rollover Stability Control

freightliner rollover stability control
  • This safety feature is designed to help maintain vehicle stability and help reduce vehicle rollovers. 
  • If you take a curve too fast or perform another driving maneuver that could result in a rollover-risk, a dash warning with audible sounds will let you know. 
  • At the same time, the rollover stability control system will reduce engine power, apply the engine brake to reduce rollover risk.

Traction Control

  • Traction control will kick in when your tires are spinning, but there is also an additional feature. 
  • If you get stuck in mud or snow and your tires are spinning, you can push the traction control button.  This will apply brakes to the spinning wheel and signals the other wheels to do more of the work.
freightliner Collision Mitigation System

Remember, driving a Freightliner means having a powerful ally that looks out for you, making every journey smoother and safer. Stay safe, and happy trucking! Tap here to dive deeper into understanding each of these safety features.


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